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On the Dating Up Podcast, hosts Becky Sampson and Jeff Snider talk to real people about real issues. Guests include experts in the fields of online dating, relationships, security, and a vast array of other topics relevant to people in the online dating world. Check out to see the Dating Up difference.
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Mar 30, 2016
Dino Watt: Purpose, Passion, and Play in Your Relationship

Dino Watt, the Relationship Expert, joins host Becky Sampson to discuss how to take your relationships from good to great.

The Business of Marriage is a system designed to help couples create more PURPOSE, PASSION and PLAY in your relationships, taking them from good to GREAT!

Using tools developed by our real world experiences, and strategies from successful companies as a model for systematizing marriages, we've developed a relationship road map that will guide you to a fulfilling, passionate marriage.

Mar 23, 2016
Suzanne Muller-Heinz: How Loveableness Attracts Love Easily

Suzanne Muller-Heinz of Happy Living Forever joins host Becky Sampson to discuss the best ways for people looking for love to attract the things they want.

Suzanne Muller-Heinz is the owner of Happy Living Forever and the master of being your most loveable self. She teaches singles how to gain the necessary dating and relationships skills to have a lasting relationship. As a International Dating & Love Life Coach and the author of Loveable – 21 Practices for Being in a Loving & Fulfilling Relationship, endorsed by John Gray PhD. She has worked directly with John Gray in New York City, and co-authored the International Bestselling book, Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life. Suzanne has appeared on different radio shows and in the near future, she’ll have a cameo on the reality dating TV show The Romance, which airs February 2016. In her four years in business, 12 couples have said “I do” and 83% of her clients who have met with her coaching are still together and going strong. As a former serial-dater for 8 long years, she has experienced the best and the worst in the dating scene. She’s been stood-up, cheated on, broken up with over text message, yelled at and more. You name it and this lady has been though it. After everything Suzanne has been through, she is pleased to say that almost two years ago she married the man of her dreams. She calls him her “Frickin’ Awesome Husband”. They met in Cancun Mexico four years go and fell in love in four days. They dated long distance for 8 months and then she packed up and moved to Switzerland from Colorado for 3 years. Now she is back in Colorado and her husband will be here this year. This woman’s purpose in life is coaching hungry and eager singles ready for the coaching to meet their true love in a simple and fun way.

Mar 16, 2016
Erika Ettin: The Art of Setting Yourself Apart

Dating coach Erika Ettin joins host Becky Sampson to discuss how to stand out in the crowd of online dating.

Erika Ettin is the founder of A Little Nudge, the preeminent online dating coach in the US, and "the new voice of online dating." A Little Nudge has been profiled on NPR, the Washington Post, WUSA9, and Erika is also JDate's leading expert, has been a featured columnist on, and her weekly column syndicated through the Chicago Tribune. Her book, Love at First Site, has also received high acclaim.

You can learn more about Erika at Follow her on Facebook or Twitter at alittlenudge.

Mar 10, 2016
Lisa Jey Davis: The Single Moms' Bold Pursuit of Their Dreams

Lisa Jey Davis, aka Ms. Cheevious, joined host Becky Sampson to talk about how to pursue your dreams as a single mother.

Lisa Jey Davis is a former freelance talent manager for one-hour televised specials with MTV, CBS and other networks and production companies. She is the founder of Jey Associates Marketing & PR, in Los Angeles, California, an award-winning writer, blogger, vlogger Huffington Post and contributor, a fitness & women's health professional and the author of “Ahhhhhh … Haaaaaa Moments with Ms. Cheevious” (a yoga routine in an eBook). Her much anticipated memoir ““Ms. Cheevious in Hollywood - My Zany Years Spent Working in Tinsel Town" released in 2015, details her post divorce years in Los Angeles navigating a career in television production as well as her new life as a single mom (it became the #1 Best-Selling New Release on Amazon in its category). Another upcoming book, currently titled “Getting Over Your Ovaries: How to Make ‘The Change of Life’ Your BITCH” due in 2016-17, is a witty survival guide for women approaching 40 (or older) dealing with hormonal issues and their own life change, or for those on the sidelines witnessing it firsthand (and suffering as a result). Lisa Jey is also the Editor in [Mis]Chief at her flagship blog, (a humorous blog about life, health, dating & relationships). She is available to deliver humorous, motivational talks, workshops on the topic of living large and in charge, and enjoying every moment. Lisa lives in Santa Monica with her lovely partner in mayhem, her hubs.... where they do what they can to savor every single moment.

Mar 3, 2016
Jodie Rodenbaugh: What You Seek Is Seeking You

In this episode, host Becky Sampson talks with Jodie Rodenbaugh, author of "Love Attraction Blueprint: Design Your Ideal Love Life Now."

Jodie Rodenbaugh is a master love and relationship educator and coach and International Best selling Author. She holds a Master’s degree in Diversity Education and is a certified Life Coach from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching with extensive professional and personal training in relationships, vitality, and abundance mindset. Her mission is to empower life driven women to rise up by liberating their own love from within so they can then meet the powerful MAN they’re soul has always known, and finally lead their children by their own example of what a lasting, loving partnership looks like, feels like, smells like, tastes like. To learn more about Jodie, you can find her at