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On the Dating Up Podcast, hosts Becky Sampson and Jeff Snider talk to real people about real issues. Guests include experts in the fields of online dating, relationships, security, and a vast array of other topics relevant to people in the online dating world. Check out to see the Dating Up difference.
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Aug 17, 2016
Lesley Edwards: Dating in 2016 -- Who to Trust?

Relationship coach Lesley Edwards joins the podcast to discuss how to avoid some of the pitfalls inherent in dating in the modern age.

Dating Expert and Relationship Coach Lesley Edwards is known for helping struggling singles and unfulfilled daters attract the partner they really want. Trained by world renowned Men are from Mars author Dr John Gray, Lesley offers Gender Intelligence so you can successfully navigate dating and understand the opposite sex. Lesley's clients describe her as a tough-love teddy bear. A slap in the face when you need it, wrapped in a big hug.

Jul 27, 2016
Dawn Maslar: The Science of Love

Dawn Maslar joins the podcast to discuss the science behind how and why we love.

Dawn Maslar M.S. is an adjunct biology professor and researcher in the science of love. After publishing a book on relationships, based on her own attraction to the wrong men, she began an intensive study into the science of love. Her ground-breaking findings including the four phases of love are destined to become the new standard. Based on this work she partnered with TEDxEd to create videos on the science of love for classroom as well as general use. She also was a featured speaker at TEDxBocaRaton with How Your Brain Falls in Love.

Jul 13, 2016
Glen Lord: Finding Hope and Joy Again

Glen Lord of The Grief Toolbox joins the podcast to discuss dealing with grief and moving past it to find hope and joy again.

After the death of his son, Noah, Glen Lord became a fellow traveler on this grief journey. It was at his first TCF meeting that he found much needed love, support, understanding, and most importantly hope that he could be whole again.

Glen has been involved in the Compassionate Friends on many levels and positions. As a member of TCF, he has been involved in the 2005 Boston Conference, Boston North Shore Newsletter; fund raising and publicity for the Manchester, NH chapter. He has been a member of TCF in NJ, MA and NJ. and is currently a facilitator in his local Nashua/Manchester chapter, serves as the 2013 Fundraising Chair for the Boston National Conference, and serves on the national Board of Directors.

Utilizing his strong background in sales, finance and marketing and operations management, he has extensive experience developing multiple organizations, and has held executive level positions in multiple Fortune 500 companies. He is presently CEO of ARC Marketing Inc as well as The Grief Toolbox, and a Managing Director of Easy Rich Development International.

Jun 29, 2016
Brody & Antia Boyd: Three Keys to Find the Right Partner

Brody and Antia Boyd joined the podcast to discuss the keys to finding the right partner.

Antia Boyd has been helping single women all over the world to find the right man to share their life with quickly without loneliness, sadness or wasting any more time for over 10+ years. She studied Personality Psychology at U.C. Berkeley, has spoken on stages and radio shows all over California, and has led dozens of Soulmate Support Groups where most of the women there have attracted the right man for them! She now currently lives in the beautiful Bay Area of California with her loving & supportive husband Brody.

Broderick (Brody) Boyd has been helping single men all over the world to find the right woman to share their life with fast without fear, anxiety or rejection for over 12+ years. He has a degree in communications and interpersonal relationships, and for over a decade studied everything that he could get his hands on in the areas of women, dating & building great confidence & social skills without fear. He now also currently lives in the beautiful Bay Area with his beautiful, loving and supportive wife Antia.

Jun 22, 2016
Crista Beck: Ready to Find Love? You Need to Know What to Look For

Dating and relationship coach Crista Beck joins the podcast to discuss how to know what you're looking for when dating and searching for love.

Crista is a dating and relationship coach, writer, speaker and co-creator of the Jumpstart Your Heart Process™, specializing in helping people identify and release their hidden barriers to love and to become the kind of person that is open to love and to easily attract the partner of their dreams.

Crista primarily works one-on-one with people who strongly desire a fulfilling, soulful, and inspiring love, who are looking for a partner to walk through life with whom they can lean on for comfort, encouragement and support. Finding your soulmate can be an incredibly joyful experience and Crista wants to show you how.

Jun 15, 2016
Iris Benrubi: From Loneliness to Deeply Connected Love

Relationship expert and life coach Iris Benrubi joins the podcast to talk about how to take that step from loneliness to deeply connected love.

Iris Benrubi, a Mensan with a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, is an inspirational and charismatic speaker and is renowned for her no-nonsense approach spiked with humor and wit. She has made guest appearances on Television shows including Slice TV and Women’s Network TV, and hosts the “Madly In Love Summit” now in its 9th season with participants from over 125 countries – a series of interviews with experts who teach you how to create deeply passionate and intimate loving relationships with yourself and with a partner. In her work as a Life Coach, Iris loves to work with women who have lost that loving feeling and teaches a woman how to understand and appreciate her man so that he can love, adore and cherish her and give her what she needs. She has traveled in 52 countries and backpacks almost yearly with her two adult children through South America. When she isn’t traveling, Iris enjoys riding her motorcycle, painting, dancing salsa and jumping trampoline.

Jun 8, 2016
Ronnie Ann Ryan: How to Stay Positive on the Dating Journey

Dating can sometimes be frustrating and draining. Dating coach Ronnie Ann Ryan joins the podcast to talk about how to stay positive even when things are hard.

For nearly 15 years, Dating Coach Ronnie Ann Ryan has worked with successful women who have a hot career, but a chilly love life. She shows you how to attract high-quality partners with easy, proven methods and radically simplifies understanding men to minimize frustration and confusion. Ronnie knows love is your destiny and has helped thousands overcome obstacles and attract love. She is the author of five books and has been featured by media around the world ABC, NBC, and Fox News, BBC, NPR, Huffington Post, eHarmony, and

Jun 1, 2016
Michelle Steinke-Baumgard: Mending While Blending

Michelle Steinke-Baumgard of One Fit Widow joins the podcast to talk about mending from the death of a spouse while at the same time blending with the family of a new spouse.

Michelle Steinke-Baumgard is an author for numerous publications, international motivational speaker, fitness coach, mother, and a re-married widow. After losing her husband Mitch in 2009, she turned to exercise as an outlet for grief and a way to handle stress. Michelle found it so powerful that she eventually quit her corporate job to become a fitness trainer. Since then Michelle has been featured in Fitness Magazine, Shape Magazine, contributed to articles for Prevention Magazine, The Huffington Post, and countless other media outlets. In addition to her virtual training business, Michelle recently launched her own nonprofit focused on helping widows and widowers complete bucket list dreams to honor their late spouses while moving boldly into their future. She also recently started the blog "Mending While Blending" to discuss the messy life of love the second time around.

Michelle is currently working on her first book for HarperCollins to be release in 2017 on using fitness as a grief coping mechanism.

May 25, 2016
Alisa Goodwin Snell: It's Not You -- It's Your Technique

Alisa Goodwin Snell joins the podcast to talk about some of the nitty gritty details of finding and keeping love in your life.

Alisa Goodwin Snell has a masters degree in marriage and family therapy and 17 years of experience in performing individual and marital counseling. Alisa is the author of 7 books, 4 DVDs, and numerous audios. She is the creator of the It’s Not You—It’s Your Technique dating system and the Lasting Love Academy membership site. Alisa has been on over 90 TV and radio programs nationwide and is a sought out public speaker.

May 18, 2016
Kelly Seal: Do You Really Know What You Want When it Comes to Love?

Dating blogger and author Kelly Seal joins Becky to talk about the key to getting what you want in love and dating: knowing what you want in the first place.

Kelly Seal is a writer, award-winning dating blogger and author of the new book Date Expectations: A Guide to Changing Your Dating Life and Finding Real Love.

Kelly’s passion is helping people move forward into fulfilling relationships, no matter what stage they are in their lives – recent college grads looking to meet more people, women and men with successful careers looking for a committed relationship, or divorced singles looking for a second (or third!) chance at love.

May 11, 2016
Dr. Diana Kirschner: The Most Important Thing to Do to Find Your Soul Mate

Dr. Diana Kirschner joins Becky to discuss how to go about finding your soul mate. This episode is full of practical tips and a very special offer (see below).

PBS Love expert, psychologist, and bestselling author Diana Kirschner, Ph.D. has helped thousands of singles and couples to find the relationships of their dreams. Along with her team of expert Love Mentor® and dating coaches, she uses a unique approach to empower women by phone/Skype all over the world to heal from heartbreak and find lasting love. Dr. Diana is the author of the new books, Find Your Soulmate Online in 6 Simple Steps and 30 Days to Love; the relationship advice book, Sealing the Deal: The Love Mentor’s Guide to Lasting Love; and the bestselling dating book, Love in 90 Days, which is the basis for her one-woman PBS TV Show Finding Your Own True Love.

Diana is offering a free coaching session to listeners of the Dating Up podcast. To claim your free session, go to, click on the "Coaching" tab, and put "Dating Up sent me" at the bottom of the form.

May 4, 2016
Shayne Chance: Setting and Holding Boundaries in Dating

Educator and author Shayne Chance joins Becky to talk about the importance of setting boundaries in dating and how to go about it.

A native of Utah and a former victim (turned victorious!), Shayne is an entertaining educator and author in the world of life protection. One of her greatest personal accomplishments involves the creation and implementation of a 3-hour training seminar surrounding women’s self-defense called, Victim or Victor? It has been followed up with a second training called, Dating the Enemy, Identifying the Predatory Interview, which helps women determine if they are being targeted for assault.

Apr 27, 2016
Amy Schoen: Are You Motivated to Marry?

Life coach and dating/relationship expert Amy Schoen joins Becky to discuss her program "Motivated to Marry: Illuminating Your Path to Finding Lasting Love." They discuss Amy's divorce in her mid-30s and what led her to where she is today.

Amy Schoen is a nationally recognized dating and relationship expert since 2004. She has helped hundreds of marriage-minded individuals to find their lifelong mates and early stage couples to create the relationships that are fulfilling and satisfying that lead to greater commitment and marriage.

As a Certified Professional Life Coach, Coach Amy utilizes both her whole life coaching training and her incredible life experiences to serve her clients. She is known for her approachable manner and empathetic abilities. She has been a certified life coach since 2005 through the Coaches Training Institute of San Rafael, California, and then completed the Relationship Systems training with The Center for the Right Relationship. In addition, Amy participates as a member of the International Coach Federation, especially in the DC Metro area.

Apr 20, 2016
Dr. Dianne Frost: From Date to Soul Mate

Dr. Dianne Frost joins Becky to discuss how to search for, find, and attract your soul mate.

Dr. Dianne Frost is a transformational leader who helps people discover their unique soul’s wisdom and inspires them to live their finest dreams in love and relationships. Dianne particularly loves helping people find deep and lasting love in their lives by co-presenting with Dr. Gary Salyer at Safe to Love Again™ Workshops.

While following her passion, Dr. Frost earned her doctorate in Depth Psychology, specializing in empowering women through Dream Tending. She trained with Debbie Ford to become an Integrative Coach Professional and has supported numerous clients in integrating aspects of their shadows so they can live more conscious lives.   Dr. Frost is a board certified hypnotherapist and learned to practice regression therapy from the renowned Dr. Brian Weiss. She also integrates Attachment Theory, Voice Dialogue, and Family Constellation Work into her practice with clients. Most importantly, Dr. Dianne Frost is a heart-centered advocate of people and consciousness, and her greatest joy is helping people to live brilliant, loving lives! Allow her to fly you to new heights! Elevate your love!

Apr 13, 2016
Eric Johnson: Making Yourself a Better Dating Prospect After Divorce

Dating and remarrying after divorce doesn't have a ton of issues, but the issues it does have are important. Eric Johnson joins Becky to discuss those issues and how to navigate the dating waters after divorce.

Eric Johnson has been a divorce lawyer for 20 years. All he does is divorce and family law, and for those look forward to dating and/or eventually remarrying, this podcast was made for you. We discuss the loose ends to be aware of that you'll want to have tied up before you re-enter the dating scene.

Apr 6, 2016
Lisa Copeland: How to Find Love After 50 (and Before, Too!)

Dating expert Lisa Copeland joins host Becky Sampson to talk about how to find love after 50, but her advice and insights are valuable for people of all ages in the dating world.

No one hands you a rule book when you find yourself single in your 50's and beyond. There are plenty of younger dating coaches, but that feels like telling your kids about your love life. No way! Lisa Copeland has been right where you are right now. She knows the dating tips and tools that make finding Mr. Right fun and easy. Lisa's mission is to give women the tools and skills for making dating easy and fun.

Mar 30, 2016
Dino Watt: Purpose, Passion, and Play in Your Relationship

Dino Watt, the Relationship Expert, joins host Becky Sampson to discuss how to take your relationships from good to great.

The Business of Marriage is a system designed to help couples create more PURPOSE, PASSION and PLAY in your relationships, taking them from good to GREAT!

Using tools developed by our real world experiences, and strategies from successful companies as a model for systematizing marriages, we've developed a relationship road map that will guide you to a fulfilling, passionate marriage.

Mar 23, 2016
Suzanne Muller-Heinz: How Loveableness Attracts Love Easily

Suzanne Muller-Heinz of Happy Living Forever joins host Becky Sampson to discuss the best ways for people looking for love to attract the things they want.

Suzanne Muller-Heinz is the owner of Happy Living Forever and the master of being your most loveable self. She teaches singles how to gain the necessary dating and relationships skills to have a lasting relationship. As a International Dating & Love Life Coach and the author of Loveable – 21 Practices for Being in a Loving & Fulfilling Relationship, endorsed by John Gray PhD. She has worked directly with John Gray in New York City, and co-authored the International Bestselling book, Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life. Suzanne has appeared on different radio shows and in the near future, she’ll have a cameo on the reality dating TV show The Romance, which airs February 2016. In her four years in business, 12 couples have said “I do” and 83% of her clients who have met with her coaching are still together and going strong. As a former serial-dater for 8 long years, she has experienced the best and the worst in the dating scene. She’s been stood-up, cheated on, broken up with over text message, yelled at and more. You name it and this lady has been though it. After everything Suzanne has been through, she is pleased to say that almost two years ago she married the man of her dreams. She calls him her “Frickin’ Awesome Husband”. They met in Cancun Mexico four years go and fell in love in four days. They dated long distance for 8 months and then she packed up and moved to Switzerland from Colorado for 3 years. Now she is back in Colorado and her husband will be here this year. This woman’s purpose in life is coaching hungry and eager singles ready for the coaching to meet their true love in a simple and fun way.

Mar 16, 2016
Erika Ettin: The Art of Setting Yourself Apart

Dating coach Erika Ettin joins host Becky Sampson to discuss how to stand out in the crowd of online dating.

Erika Ettin is the founder of A Little Nudge, the preeminent online dating coach in the US, and "the new voice of online dating." A Little Nudge has been profiled on NPR, the Washington Post, WUSA9, and Erika is also JDate's leading expert, has been a featured columnist on, and her weekly column syndicated through the Chicago Tribune. Her book, Love at First Site, has also received high acclaim.

You can learn more about Erika at Follow her on Facebook or Twitter at alittlenudge.

Mar 10, 2016
Lisa Jey Davis: The Single Moms' Bold Pursuit of Their Dreams

Lisa Jey Davis, aka Ms. Cheevious, joined host Becky Sampson to talk about how to pursue your dreams as a single mother.

Lisa Jey Davis is a former freelance talent manager for one-hour televised specials with MTV, CBS and other networks and production companies. She is the founder of Jey Associates Marketing & PR, in Los Angeles, California, an award-winning writer, blogger, vlogger Huffington Post and contributor, a fitness & women's health professional and the author of “Ahhhhhh … Haaaaaa Moments with Ms. Cheevious” (a yoga routine in an eBook). Her much anticipated memoir ““Ms. Cheevious in Hollywood - My Zany Years Spent Working in Tinsel Town" released in 2015, details her post divorce years in Los Angeles navigating a career in television production as well as her new life as a single mom (it became the #1 Best-Selling New Release on Amazon in its category). Another upcoming book, currently titled “Getting Over Your Ovaries: How to Make ‘The Change of Life’ Your BITCH” due in 2016-17, is a witty survival guide for women approaching 40 (or older) dealing with hormonal issues and their own life change, or for those on the sidelines witnessing it firsthand (and suffering as a result). Lisa Jey is also the Editor in [Mis]Chief at her flagship blog, (a humorous blog about life, health, dating & relationships). She is available to deliver humorous, motivational talks, workshops on the topic of living large and in charge, and enjoying every moment. Lisa lives in Santa Monica with her lovely partner in mayhem, her hubs.... where they do what they can to savor every single moment.

Mar 3, 2016
Jodie Rodenbaugh: What You Seek Is Seeking You

In this episode, host Becky Sampson talks with Jodie Rodenbaugh, author of "Love Attraction Blueprint: Design Your Ideal Love Life Now."

Jodie Rodenbaugh is a master love and relationship educator and coach and International Best selling Author. She holds a Master’s degree in Diversity Education and is a certified Life Coach from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching with extensive professional and personal training in relationships, vitality, and abundance mindset. Her mission is to empower life driven women to rise up by liberating their own love from within so they can then meet the powerful MAN they’re soul has always known, and finally lead their children by their own example of what a lasting, loving partnership looks like, feels like, smells like, tastes like. To learn more about Jodie, you can find her at

Feb 24, 2016
Rita Goodroe: Take Charge of Your Love Life and Have More Fun Dating

Rita Goodroe joins host Becky Sampson to talk about how to enjoy dating again.

About Rita, from Rita: "Hop back with me to 2006 when I started Singles in the Suburbs, a social group for singles in the 'burbs of DC. I figured that a few people would join, I'd make a friend or two and the group would die out. Nine years later, it has about 4,000 members. I started getting media requests for interviews about "all things single" which is really funny because I met a guy, seriously, 2 days after I started the group. We dated, and ran the group together, for 5 years until #‎suddenlynotsosuddenly we broke up. Well, he dumped me. And of course it wasn't "so suddenly" because, let's get real, 5 ring...lots of things I get the picture. Thanks to a bottle of wine and a birthday (I was about to turn 35), I brainstormed an idea to go on 35 dates in 35 days and blog all about it. I emailed out to my friends and gave them the time range and told them I didn't want to know anything about the guys...not their age, not their race, not what they did for a living...and I wanted the guy to pick the activity. The point was to do things I would normally not do and meet people I would normally not meet so I would be all kinds of uncomfortable so I could deal with how I handled those situations and learn about me. It was these lessons that I blogged about (not the guy or whether he paid or pushed in my chair). Through one of my 35 dates, I was introduced to a coach who told me I was being crazy and I should quit the law immediately and coach people myself. I, being a lawyer, ignored her and poo-poo'd that idea 'cause "seriously??!" was all I could think. I did take her training because I was on a personal growth kick and figured it couldn't hurt. But, wouldn't you know it - I had gotten too comfortable and the Universe was having NONE of it so it conspired to end my contract with the firm I was working for at the time. So I was at a crossroads and instead of being miserable and finding another legal job I decided to be happy and hop into coaching. I threw myself into dating & relationship coaching and knocked it out of the park damn near immediately! I mean, the DAY after I made the decision - it was rewarded, as I was asked to be a dating expert for The Washington Post live chat with readers! Shortly thereafter I was asked to tour as a panelist for the national tour of The Great Love Debate AND, a year later, I was a finalist for the iDate 2014 Best Dating Coach award (yes, the date coaching world has the equivalent of the Oscars haha). It was then that I realized that most of the people coming up to me WEREN'T singles asking about dating but, rather, were entrepreneurs asking me how I did I manged to quit Corporate America and build a successful business so rapidly. So I dipped back into my business law background, sat and gave my busines a hard look and started advising entrpreneurs on designing and growing their businesses. I've sinced founded my coaching business and my Facebook community that has turned into an extension of my coaching practice and LOVE helping people make more money, find more time and LIVE their lives. (I also still do date coaching because it's just too fun to leave - and still participate in the Great Love Debate and run a group date coaching program!)"

Feb 17, 2016
Abel Keogh: Dating Advice for Widowers and the Women Who Date Them

Abel Keogh lost his wife to suicide when she was seven months pregnant with their first child. Keogh talks openly with Dating Up about what he experienced, his journey through dating as a widower, and how he fell in love and married again 15 months after his late wife’s death. Keogh offers great dating insight for widowers looking to date again and the women who date them.


Feb 10, 2016
Helena Summer: Woman Up so your Man will Man Up

Host Becky Sampson talks with Helena Summer about how to "woman up" so your man will "man up."

Helena Summer is a founder of "Liv Delicious" - a lifestyle movement.

She gave up on having love or romance and became a missionary nun, at her early teen years.

Her first romantic experience was an arranged marriage, to a former priest.

Yes. She was married (and divorced) before she even had a first date.

Ever since then, she embarked on a fascinating journey, passionately studying with the world's best love experts and teachers.

Of course, she went on dates with more than 500 men, to learn how they think and how to respect them for who they are.

Today, married to her "Sexy Lexi," Helena is passionately spreading the message of love wherever she goes.

Reach her at and get her 5 steps video course in how to ask for what you want from men in your world.

Feb 3, 2016
Dr. Gary Salyer: From Lusting to Lasting

Host Becky Sampson talks with Dr. Gary Salyer about relationships and the psychology of finding the right one.

Dr. Gary D. Salyer is a master transformational relationship coach who helps people re-write the rules for love in their brains. This allows amazing shifts to happen in a very short period of time so that people can have the extraordinary relationship they want and deserve. Dr. Salyer speaks to a national audience as a featured expert panel member for The Great Love Debate and also various celebrity TV and radio shows. His life purpose is to change ‘a generation’s fate with love.’

Dr. Gary is the creator of the Safe to Love Again™ Workshop and co-hosts the Extraordinary Couples™ Retreat and other Extraordinary Couples™ programs with his beloved partner, Dr. Dianne Frost. He is also the author of the forthcoming book, Safe to Love Again: How to Release the Pain of Past Relationships and Attract Your Soul Mate. Dr. Gary offers a unique blend of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Bert Hellinger's "Family Systems" approach and Attachment Theory, the science of relationships. As one client said, “he re-sets your system for love in a science-based, heart delivered manner.” For more information, go to his website at

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